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Dawn Hollis
Chief Operations Officer

“Dawn is full of resources and very versatile with her skills. When you want to get it done, give it to her... she will find a way.”


  • Project Organisation

  • Policy and Procedure Research

  • Team Management

  • Administrative Coordination

  • Operational Support

Dawn Hollis is the Chief Operations Officer for Systemethix.  Looking after the operational, administrative, and human resources tasks across Australia, she is an important part of the team and brings passion and efficiency to her role.

Her passion for organisational and managerial responsibilities can be traced back to her pre-professional days.   Whether as a member of her high school student-body council or part of the university admissions team at University of California (San Diego), she has been doing administrative work from the beginning.  The motivation?  She likes helping people be organised, be on time, and to problem solve.  Right now, that’s bringing her extensive admin experience to helping Systemethix grow!

Dawn transitioned from the retail sector to administrative work in July 2012.  Starting as a receptionist for an IT training company, she began working her way up the ranks and expanding her knowledge of the IT world and its jargon.  Before coming to Systemethix in June 2019, Dawn was a Senior Operations Manager and was in charge of training deliveries, resource management, and all operational record keeping.

Dawn has developed strong communication skills, methods for time management, and efficient problem-solving abilities, allowing her to meet the administrative requirements for Systemethix and its clients.  Originally hailing from the United States and having worked with clients and employers across the Asia-Pacific region for the past 10 years, Dawn brings with her cultural knowledge and attained proficiencies, which help build lasting and beneficial relationships.

To relax (as much as a mother of twins can!), Dawn enjoys photography, rugby, and Formula 1.  Spending time with her family is her number one priority.  She loves watching her kids explore at the pace of future racers and have family adventures in the great-outdoors surrounding Canberra, Australia.

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