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“He is one of the few IT professionals of my acquaintance who understands and applies Computer Science and Engineering theory to practical technical issues with such rigour and diligence – always motivated by the aim of obtaining the best possible result.”

Naren Rajasingam
Senior Technical Consultant


  • Delivering End-to-End Solutions

  • Data Protection

  • Systems Migration

  • Storage Management

  • Troubleshooting

Naren is a Senior Technical Consultant with 30+ years’ experience who has had deep technical experience designing or solving complex technical problems including Migration to Cloud, HPC Infrastructure Architecture, Storage Systems, High Performance Scale Out File Systems, Data Lakes, and Authentication.  He has a keen focus on data availability, resilience, replication, and recovery, particularly in multi-PB high performance parallel file systems (Spectrum Scale), hierarchical storage management (HSM), and LTFS (Spectrum Archive).


Naren is very comfortable presenting to large and small audiences of varying levels of technical and non-technical knowledge, as well as briefing CIOs and CTOs of large corporations on various proposals and issues.


Naren has previously taught at international IBM and Systems & Technology technical briefings, Microsoft conferences, and Roadshows between 1998 and 2016 on a variety of technology topics.  More recently, he has worked in a Managed Services environment managing multi-PB Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Archive environments.


When not creating solutions for his clients, Naren enjoys reading on an eclectic range of topics and riding his motorbike.

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